About us

As we are the only animal welfare society on Lefkas, we take care of the entire, diverse animal population of our island. This includes animals and birds that live in the wild, or in the sea (turtle’s caretta – caretta, dolphins, whales, etc.) as well as horses, donkeys, and, most of all, countless stray dogs and cats.

Over the years LAWS has sterilized many cats and dogs, most of which were subsequently adopted, with the wonderful help and support from our local FULLY EQUIPPED private Vet Clinics, who have also performed may operations helping animals that have been injured or been rescued after road accidents. LAST YEAR WE STERILIZED AT LEAST 50 ANIMALS TO THE PRIVATE VETS, HAD MORE THAN 200 EMERGENCIES (ACCIDENTS AND ANIMALS FOUND IN BAD CONDITION), SAVED MOST OF THEM.

Over the past 2 years, we were called out to rescue 43 wounded turtle’s caretta-caretta (which are frequently discovered helpless on the island beaches), dolphins, dozens of nocturnal birds, young foxes, eagles, seagulls, a skunk – and a baby sperm whale! Most of these wild animals and birds for which we provided first aid and subsequently sent to the Greek Center for Wild Animal and Bird Care (ΕΚΠΑΖ) on the island of Aegina, made full recoveries and were returned to their natural environment. We also collaborate with the ARCHELON Society for the Protection of the Marine Turtle, where we send turtles for care, with the PELAGOS Cetasean Research centre.

In 2013, after nearly two years of negotiations, THE LEFKAS MUNICIPALITY WITH THE HELP OF LAWS, were finally granted a licence to set up the Municipality’s Vet Clinic in Lefkas Town, which involves vaccinating, neutering and micro-chipping the stray animals, as well as legal adoptions. THIS IS THE FIRST MUNICIPALITY VET CLINIC IN GREECE licenced to legally perform these operations.

We are all volunteers both foreign nationals and local community, with professional and family obligations and some of us have been affected dramatically by the Greek financial crisis. All our Society’s expenses are covered by private donations, annual memberships and, most of all, by your personal contributions. What keeps us going despite the endless work is our motivation and passion. YOUR DONATION WILL ENABLE US TO CONTINUE WITH THIS ANIMAL STRAY PROGRAM and give the animals a better life.