LAWS – GAR 2019 sterilization program



Last weekend, from the 29th of June till the 1rst of Luly, took place the second part of LAWS’ sterilization program, under GAR’s funding.

During May and June 2019, thanks to GAR, we managed to sterilize 36 dogs and 112 cats with the precious help of vet dr D. Trakas. In the second period he had as assistant the volunteer dutch vet dr Malika.

The dogs were microchipped, rabies vaccinated and blood tested as well. Many of them are already adopted. We microchipped and vaccinated 15 dumped pups and put them under adoption. Some were lucky and found already good homes.

The program took place at the Lefka’s municipal vet office after the permission of the municipality.

Most of the animals, especially the cats, were in bad condition. They were stray cats from southern Lefkas. We haven’t sterilized before cats from this region. The cats were badly fed, eating during the summer from the tavernas, starving to death during winter. Lefkas has more than 100 small villages, with dozens of cats in every village. We have a lot of work to do in the future, but after the last program’s results, we are sure we can manage a lot.