LAWS goes to Meganissi

LAWS goes to MeganissiIMG_7684_resize IMG_7683_resize IMG_7680_resize 

On January 2017, LAWS created the Meganissi vet office with the help of the Meganissi municipality, the GCWS’ funding, and Meganissi volunteers. We sterilized 49 cats in 2 days, with the help of vet dr D. Trakas.

After some statistics…. We came to the conclusion that in Meganissi must be over 4.000 cats… (A PERFECT PLACE FOR CAT LOVERS….)

There is an urgent need of sterilizing cats, so we organized the following project.

End of May 2018, we went to Meganissi for informing the people and putting collection boxes in various places (super markets, tavernas etc.)

The collection boxes will be opened in front of an accountant, and will be given receipts to the shops dealing for.

The Meganissi sterilization program is funded by the GCWS, and your donations…..

We also, need volunteers from Meganissi , for realizing the program.

The volunteers will :

  • Show us cats who need sterilization
  • Trap the cats and get them to the vet office for being sterilized. Traps and baskets will be provided by LAWS.
  • Help volunteeringly during the sterilization days.If you want to participate to the program please visit our fb page “laws lefkas”, or call to the Meganissi municipality, or call to 6943212791.
  • For donations :
  • Mind that LAWS volunteers can’t stay on Meganissi for many days, so there is a great need on finding volunteers from Meganissi.
  • Through our paypal in :
  • In our bank account : Bank account no: 0026.0380.61.0200314684IBAN : GR8802603800000610200314684