LAWS’ Sterilisation weekend 5-7 June 2015


Municipal Veterinary Clinic Lefkada: sterilisations weekend 5-7 June 2015

Despite extremely difficult conditions, at noon of Sunday 7 June 2015, was completed, the better organized by the Guild, can three-day sterilisations.

By the morning of Friday, 5 June, until noon of Sunday 7 June, sterilized 27 dogs and 52 cats. All were marked electronically and entered into the archive of the municipality of Lefkada. In dogs conducted blood tests. Vaccinations were held on Sunday 7 June.

The dogs remained in the area of rehabilitation centers, until Saturday June 13th, so returned in their natural environment. We had the pleasure, during the week that stayed with us, some of them seem fortunate and adoptable.

The dogs were chosen strictly on the basis of the criteria laid down in the recent meeting of the five-Member Committee of the municipality of Lefkada (Committee for the monitoring of the programme management of stray animals in the municipality of Lefkada).

More specifically, in the municipal Veterinary Clinic served:

  1. A) stray animals of the municipality of Lefkada. Stray, in accordance with the legislation. considered the pet which is either not domiciled or located outside the residence of its owner and not under direct supervision.

(B)) The owned animals, whose owner belongs to the vulnerable groups of the population. In this case, the holder must obtain a special permit from the municipality of Lefkada and provide the necessary documents.

  1. C) adopted local uncommitted, up to sterilisation. After LAWS’ proposal, it was decided by the five-member Commission to establish incentives so easily someone adopts stray, without thinking of the exorbitant expenses first. Promised and private veterinarians that will help and they, in turn, on specific cases.

We must point out that the program would not have taken place without the reassurance of LAWS to the vet, for financial compensation. After the recent political developments and the great difficulty which meets the municipality of Lefkada in financial obligations in this matter, we are not allowed to let unpaid vets who worked tirelessly over a twelve-hour each day, in difficult circumstances and Moreover, they were bringing the drug costs and other expenses of the surgery. With the help of donations from citizens, who understood perfectly the situation, prior information, we were able to do already, half of veterinary expenses of the meeting.

The success of our instrumental effort, Anetta and Panagiotis Migkos (“MAVRA” studios) who hosted, veterinarians in wonderful studios in Lygia.

After 12 hours of surgery, vets, were thrilled by the hospitality of Phryni in “Consolatto”.

As for the KTEL Lefkada….. the sensitivity shown by each time we ask for their assistance in the desert is moving.

We thank:

Verykios – Baltsas for the chains, materials and pallets for space rehabilitation centers

The Clean Mart, also for the materials provided for the rehabilitation of the space dogs.

Volunteers, who relinquished the Car for meditation.

Those who left their homes for days-weeks, to prepare for the program, to look after the animals daily morning and afternoon, cleaning, giving food, water, give medications, go ride for 10 days the dogs, others who cleaned and took care of the cats that were left for further treatment at the Veterinary Clinic.

The citizens, who, understanding the situation and recognizing the tremendous and pioneering work that has been done in the municipality of Lefkada, for the sake of stray, the cartel LAWS can volunteer citizens, Lefkada and gave their financial support to cover much of the cost of municipal vet office and successful weekend.

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