LAWS’ sterilization program-May 2018



After months’ preparation and after solving many bureaucracy problems, we finally managed to have a 3 day sterilization program on 29-30-31 of May.

The 46 cat sterilization program was completely under LAWS’ funding. Vet mr Trakas, worked as a volunteer and LAWS payed for the medical expenses, vet’s accommodation expenses and other vet office expenses.

During the 3 day program, we sterilized- vaccinated-microchipped – blood tested 6 dogs (from Exantheia, Kastro, Nikiana, Drimonas). Took place stray dog vaccination program as well. The dog program was under the 2017 municipality’s budget.

We thank all the volunteers who worked the previous months, for managing to realize this program. The volunteers who worked during the 3 days, from morning till midnight helping the vet, cleaning, helping with the animals’ recovery. The volunteers who helped the next days with the cleaning, treating the cats-dogs, making the animal medical files and preparing the vet office for the next program.

We, finally, thank all the people who, with their kind donations, helped LAWS to make this program come true.

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