Lefkas – Mass animal killing by poisoned baits!

Lefkas Animal Welfare society

Yesterday at 00:50 · LEFKADA

Mass animal killing by poisoned baits

We receive complaints from all over Lefkada and from Meganissi for mass poisoning of animals. In some places, they have literally decimated cats. In Lygia they have fallen in three parts. In the center of Lefkada and behind TAOL, in Marantochori, in Nydri, in Evgiro, they are poisoned repeatedly. In Lygia, Paradisos as well as in Spartochori, Meganisi, they found dozens of killed cats that showed signs of poisoning.

Fortunately, more and more witnesses are addressing the police, who respond immediately. Only last week the police filed lawsuits for cat poisoning in Evgiros, Lygia and Paradisos, Lygia.


The murderers will continue to kill if you do not care.

Call at:


Or in the local police departments:

Lefkada: 2645029370

Apollonion: 2645031012

Elomenou: 2645095207

Meganisiou: 2645051406

But what is first and foremost to save an animal that shows symptoms of poisoning is to transfer it directly to a veterinarian. Every second is crucial for its life:

A. Ifantis: 6944937323, 2645025925

Ch., Kalos – K. Papachristou: 6945989879, 2645022888

N. Arabanis: 6947077123, 2645026500

Pet owners are required to have an antidote available, which they will use according to the vet’s instructions.

We are available to provide you with all the above information: 6943212791

In the photos you see two of the 5 kittens poisoned in Paradisos, Lygia, last Sunday morning. We transported them as quickly as we could to the vet, Mr. Iafentis, to save them. Unfortunately one of them we could not save anymore, the other one, after care at the vet, is recovering in the hands of our volunteer. It must have seen Charos with its very eyes! The black-and-white cat of the photography was transferred from Spartochori Meganisi to the veterinary clinic and unfortunately could only be put down.

Our sadness and indignation are not describable in words ……